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In today's world having our picture taken is so common we hardly give it much thought when our friends whip out their phone and snaps a pic. 

But there’s something inherently different about having your photos taken for your senior year. These photographs have more purpose and possibly even more meaning. 

The best part of the whole senior photo experience is that there is no one else like you. You are unique in your own way and should be proud of where you came and all that you have accomplished. 

Which is why you get to be in control of this whole experience. You get to decide the location, the look, the style and even the day. I’m here to help bring all of your experience and passions together and help express them in one unique photograph.

So now you may be wondering how in the world do we actually memorialize all of that with one photographic session? Well luckily it’s not as hard as it seems and with a little help and guidance our introductory call will cover all of that allowing you to walk away feeling confident that your session will uniquely illustrate you.

Before then however, here are a few basic ideas to consider that will help us plan out your session. 

What’s great about NEPA is that there are so many different landscapes for us to choose from. In between the rolling hills of PA we have everything from rivers, lakes, streams and waterfalls, to forests, meadows, mountains and towns. Literally, we have it all. 

So what is it that you like to do? 

If you’re into hiking, kayaking, skiing, skating or biking, I’m right there with ya. Let’s make a plan to get out there and document the adventure!

Or if you’re into more traditional sports like soccer, hockey, basketball or baseball, I’m all for it. We can easily go to your school’s auditorium or field to capture you in rockin’ it in your element. 

Remember, this is the time that we highlight all of the things that make you, YOU - so if it’s art that really makes your heart sing, know that I'll be ready to capture you melting into your instrument or expressing yourself through whatever medium you use on your canvas.

there is no one else like you...




I wish I could tell you that my fashion sense is top notch but unfortunately that’s not the case. However, I have done everything I can to gather as many resources for you to help you choose the look that best suits your style. Check out the following links:


Hair & Makeup

For all of my sessions I do offer the option to have your hair and makeup done professionally but I also know a lot of you take pride in the way you style your hair or apply makeup - obviously I wouldn’t want to take that away from you. But for anyone who feels that calling in a professional is the way to go, I got you covered.
Are you ready to take the next step in creating the perfect senior pictures?

senior Sessions begin at $425

there is no one else like you...





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