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I consider myself to be quite the podcast connoisseur. After all, I spend a lot of time in my car and always enjoyed listening to shows that specialized in business and personal development. But after some time it seemed like I kept hearing the same advice talking about the same old concepts that everyone always seemed to cover. But then I heard on the SPI podcast Jim Sheils talking about the importance of spending quality time with your kids, because “studies have shown that 85% of the time the average person will ever get to spend with their child comes at the end of their 18th summer”. When I heard that, it hit me. Hard. 

After quickly doing the math, I realized that I only had about 9 years left with my eldest before she’s off on her own and the time I get to spend with her is going to be whittled down to occasional visits. 

Needless to say I immediately started to panic that my time with her was quickly slipping away before my eyes but more importantly, could I even remember what each of those 7 years was like? 

The sad truth is no, I really couldn’t remember just by memory alone. 

And if I was a betting man I’d guess that you probably couldn't either. But that’s not our fault!

Life gets hard. Sometimes life could be complicated. Sometimes life throws you surprises and sometimes it happens all at once. 

And that’s okay. 

When you decide that you want to get pictures taken of your family (pictures that actually include you in them!) you’re making the conscious decision to keep all of those invaluable memories with you forever.

There is nothing that I would love to do more than help you memorialize these evanescent years that you have with your kids. If you are interested in how our sessions work and would like to get a feel if a session with MGP is right for you and your family, please click here to schedule our short, 15-minute introductory call. I would love to hear about you and your family and what you might have in mind for your session.

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